Not all commissions are treated the same. You can click the chat bubble floating around this page to leave a message, chances are I will be at my computer. ~175.00 per *hour and most commissioned art takes about an hour for simple projects. You can always buy more, in fact I encourage you to do that the more hours the more awesome your art will become.

Types of commissioned work I can do. (not limited to just this “try-me”)

digital-art, draw, concept art, painting, logos, branding-packages, photo-retouches, photography, write code-(php,dot-net,yaml,python,c++…more), webpages, automate things, security, consulting, illustrate book covers, labels, embroidery-digitizing, good listener, I can enterprise-like set up your entire web presence or code life-cycle that will “in lack of better terms” NOT SUCK. In this case your should probably give me an offer I can not refuse.

Private Commission

Buy me I'm cheap AWESOME. Operators are standing by!